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FEI Tecnai F20-G2 FEGTEM

The FEI Tecnai F20 is 200kV field emission gun (FEG) high resolution and analytical TEM/STEM, which was installed in June 2002.

Like the CM300, the microscope has a SuperTwin objective lens with a Cs of 1.2 mm. It is different from the CM300 in that it lacks a Lorentz lens for field free imaging and an electron biprism for holography. However, the ultimate STEM resolution is superior due to improved scanning coils.

The control system of the Tecnai is also very different to traditional microscopes, and a computer is the main control and analysis interface. This allows controls to be customised between users and digital acquisition to be integrated seamlessly.

Facilities available on this instrument include:

Ultra high tilt tomography (80), single tilt electrical, single tilt and double tilt low background sample holders

A Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) 200, fitted with a 1k x 1k CCD camera, for energy-filtered diffraction, imaging and EELS

Off-axis STEM bright-field (BF) and dark-field (DF) detectors

On-axis high sensitivity (single electron detection) Fischione Model 3000 high angle annular dark field (HAADF) detector for high-resolution Z-contrast imaging

An EDAX r-TEM ultra-thin window (UTW) X-ray detector

Use of this microscope is restricted to specifically trained individuals. Contact Jonathan Barnard (jsb43) for training.