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December 2003

Flux closure in self-assembled cobalt nanoparticle rings

S L Tripp, R E Dunin-Borkowski and A Wei
Angew. Chemie 42 (2003), 5591.

This paper describes magnetic flux closure states in rings of 20-nm-diameter Co nanoparticles.

The figure on the right shows an example of a remanent magnetic state recorded using electron holography. The magnetic flux enclosed between adjacent contours is h/128e. The direction of the magnetic flux is indicated using arrows and colors (red=right, yellow=down, green=left, blue=up).

Click here to download the paper in pdf format [154 kB ].

Click here to see the press release from Purdue University.

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December 2003

Vortex flux channeling in magnetic nanoparticle chains

M J Hytch, R E Dunin-Borkowski, M R Scheinfein, J Moulin, C Duhamel, F Mazelayrat and Y Champion
Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 (2003), 257207.

This paper describes the formation of tubes of magnetic flux at the cores of 50-nm-diameter FeNi nanoparticle chains, which are illustrated in the figure on the right.

Click here to download the paper in pdf format [295 kB ].



December 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Christian Dwyer on passing his Ph.D. viva.



His thesis was entitled "Scattering theory for advanced electron microscopy", and his examiners were Peter Rez from Arizona State University and Archie Howie.



November 2003

Multilayered materials: a palette for the materials artist

S J Lloyd and J M Molina-Aldareguia
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A 361 (2003), 2931.

This paper describes and discusses the use of transmission electron microscopy to study multilayered materials that include hard coatings and magnetic metal multilayers.

The figure on the right shows the deformation in a coherently strained InGaAs multilayer.

Click here to download the paper in pdf format [1.4 MB ].



November 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Ofori on passing his Ph.D. viva.



His thesis was entitled "Effects of Platinum Group Metal Additions to an Advanced Single Crystal Nickel-base Superalloy", and his examiners were Malcolm McLean from Imperial College and Cathie Rae.



November 2003

Pictures taken by Paul Midgley and Rafal Dunin-Borkowski have appeared in a popular book on scientific imaging.



The book is Super Vision: a New View of Nature by Ivan Amato, published by Harry N Abrams.

Click here to see the book's entry on the Amazon website.



Paul's picture is of a CBED pattern in lanthanum aluminate.

Click on the picture on the right to see how the page in the book looks.



Rafal's picture is of the magnetic induction in a bacterial cell.

Click on the picture on the right to see how the page in the book looks.



October 2003

WELCOME to our new Ph.D. students Kirsten McLaughlin and Jenna Tong.



Kirsten McLaughlin will be working on nanoindentation.



Jenna Tong will be working on electron tomography.



Sep 2003




On 10 September, a reunion of former members of Ellis Cosslett's research group from the 1950s and 1960s was held in the Old Cavendish Laboratory.

Click here to see more photos from the reunion and details of those attending.



Sep 2003

WELCOME to Dr Takeshi Kasama, who joins us for three years as a visiting scientist from RIKEN (the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) in Japan.



Takeshi, who has come to Cambridge with his wife Taeko, will be working on the development of electron holography for characterising electric and magnetic fields in nanostructured materials.



Sep 2003

FAREWELL to Dr Lydia Laffont, who is leaving us this week to take up a lectureship in the University of Amiens.



Lydia will be teaching solid state chemistry and will continue her research on electron microscopy.



Aug 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Paul Midgley on being made a FEMS lecturer for 2004.



FEMS is the Federation of European Materials Societies.

The FEMS lecturer scheme sponsors selected young materials scientists to lecture throughout Europe as "ambassadors" of the materials science community. Each Lecturer tours several materials science centres in different European countries.

Click here for a list of past lecturers.



Aug 2003

This year's Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting in San Antonio, Texas, was particularly successful for the EM  Group.



The three participants from the group (Paul, Rafal and Matthew) gave 8 invited lectures between them.



Aug 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Rafal Dunin-Borkowski on being awarded a prize for the best invited lecture at the 2002 Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting, together with Dr. Molly McCartney of Arizona State University.



Rafal received the certificate at this year's meeting in San Antonio.



Jul 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Stephen Lloyd on the birth of his second daughter Rebecca Anna Lloyd.



Rebecca was born on 31 July and weighed 9 lb.

The picture shows her with her older sister Isabel Maria.



Jul 2003

WELCOME to Yanna Antypas, who is doing a summmer project with us.





July 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Lydia Laffont on being appointed to a lectureship in the University of Amiens from 8 September 2003.



Lydia will be teaching solid state chemistry and will continue her research on electron microscopy.



June 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Graham Fairbank on passing his Ph.D. viva.



His thesis was entitled "The Development of Platinum Alloys for High-Temperature Service", and his examiners were Mike Loretto from Birmingham and Harry Bhadeshia.



June 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to James Loudon on his appointment to a Junior Research Fellowship at Homerton College.



James' new position starts on 1 October, 2003.



May 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Jonathan Barnard on his new appointment as Senior Technical Officer in the Electron Microscopy group.



Jonathan previously worked on electron microscopy of GaN with Professor Colin Humphreys.



May 2003

WELCOME to Dr Sergio Moreno.



Sergio, who is from the Centro Atomico Bariloche, in San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina, is visiting the group for six months.



May 2003

FAREWELL to Sandra Ramloll.



Sandra is leaving the Department after finishing her Ph.D. She is initially heading for Mauritius.



April 2003

WELCOME to Dr Caterina Ducati.



Caterina joins us from the Electronic Materials and Devices Group in the Engineering Dept in Cambridge. She will be working on catalyst materials on a project sponsored by Alphasense.



April 2003

FAREWELL to Keren Butler.



Keren is leaving the Department after providing valuable technical support to the Electron Microscopy group for many years.



March 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Colin Humphreys on being chosen to present the 2003 Institute of Metals Lecture, and on receiving the Robert Franklin Mehl Award. Click here for more information on the award.



March 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Colin Humphreys on the publication of his book "The Miracles of Exodus : A Scientist's Discovery of the Extraordinary Natural Causes of the Biblical Stories".



Click here to see the description of the book on Amazon's website.

Here are links to the book's: back cover, front flap and back flap.



February 2003

FAREWELL to Dr Angus Kirkland, Dr Rudi Meyer and Shery Chang, who are all leaving for the Department of Materials in Oxford.



Angus Kirkland will take up the position of Leverhulme Senior Research Lecturer.



Rudi Meyer will take up a PostDoctoral position working on novel CCD camera designs and aberration correction.



Shery Chang will continue her Ph.D. working on exit wave restoration.



February 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Sandra Ramloll on passing her Ph.D. viva. Here thesis was enitled "Microscopy studies of the inital stages of growth of gallium nitride on sapphire", and her examiners were Paul Brown from Nottingham University and Zoe Barber.



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