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Dec 2004

FAREWELLto Yoshihisa Ohko, who visited us from Japan to study photochromic samples.





July 2004

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Caterina Ducati on securing a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship from October 2004.





July 2004

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Stephen Lloyd on winning a prize in the Micrograph competition at this year's MicroScience conference in London.





May 2004

FAREWELL to Dr Matthew Weyland who has left to start a postdoctoral position at Cornell University in the US.






April 2004

WELCOME to Dr Ilke Arsan who is starting a two year postdoctoral position with us.



She will be working with Paul Midgley on three-dimensional analyses of nanostructures using electron tomography.




Jan 2004

CONGRATULATIONS to James Loudon on passing his Ph.D. viva.



His thesis was entitled "An investigation of the unconventional phases in the LaCaMnO3 system", and his examiners were Gillian Gehring from Sheffield University and Rafal Dunin-Borkowski.



Jan 2004

WELCOME to Margaret Tyce-Butcher, who will be managing the Ultramicroscopy editorial office.



Margaret's time will be split between Ultramicroscopy and the Philosophical Magazine, both of which are based in the department.



Jan 2004

WELCOME to Lionel Cervera, who is starting a Ph.D. with us.



Lionel's project will be sponsored by Dr Dogan Ozkaya at Johnson Matthey.



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