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On the afternoon of 10 September 2003, a reunion of former members of Ellis Cosslett's research group from the 1950s and 1960s, which was organised by Dick Wade and Hans Deltrap, was held in the Old Cavendish Laboratory.

Two group photos of those attending were taken towards the end of the afternoon:





L to R: Bill Nixon, Alan Boyde, Owen Saxton, Bob Ferrier, Glenys Nixon, Hans Deltrap, Ian Wardell, Ray Dolby, David Hardy, Ken Harvey, Dick Wade, Roy Switsur, Julia Bishop, Hugh Bishop, Henry Curtis, Ron Pryor, Ken Smith





L to R: Bob Ferrier, Owen Saxton, Ron Pryor, Ray Dolby, Ken Harvey, Ian Wardell, Roy Switsur, Dick Wade, Alan Boyde, Hans Deltrap, Henry Curtis, Hugh Bishop, Julia Bishop, Bill Nixon, Glenys Nixon, David Hardy, Ken Smith




As well as seeing the current research facilities and politely invading formerly familiar rooms now assigned to Social & Political Sciences and the African Studies Centre, the group read a book written by Ellis Cosslett recording the main events - arrivals, departures, colloquia - from the start of the EM group in 1948 to the mid-70s. [One entry line dated 6th December 1969 reads simply "Mrs A J Cosslett (formerly part-time research assistant) died"].

There are still in fact many boxes and drawers of Cosslett's papers and photographs in the building still unsorted (though some useful work has been done in the past). It would be wonderful if someone from the time, who would recognise people in the pictures and would know which are the interesting micrographs, could spare a couple of days to look through them. If you are at all interested, contact rafal.db@msm.cam.ac.uk.

Others attending today but not in the group photos included: Peter Duncumb, Tom Mulvey, Michael McMorris, Bill Swift, ...

Today we also heard the sad news that Julian Davey, who had been invited to attend the reunion, had died within the past few days.



Here are some other photos:













Finally, here is some information supplied to us by Dick Wade and Hans Deltrap outlining where some of those attending today have worked since their time in the Old Cavendish:


Hugh Bishop

Electron scattering in solids

Worked with UKAEA at Harwell from 1966-96 in the area of surface analysis. Now working for a venture capital funded company, Printable Field Emitters, on a novel flat screen TV based on field emitting particles.

Hans Deltrap

Spherical aberration correction

Industrial career in the United States and Holland. Lately Managing Director of Oldelft, the medical subsidary of Delft Instruments. Recently retired.

Ray Dolby

Long wavelength X-ray scanning microanalysis

1963-65: United Nations Technical Advisor; helped set up the Central Scientific Instruments Organization in India. In 1965 set up Dolby Laboratories in London (later also San Francisco) to develop noise reduction and signal processing systems for improving sound quality. Now semi-retired.

Peter Duncumb

X-ray scanning microanalyser

Moved to TI Research Laboratories, Hinxton Hall 1959, becoming Director and General Manager 1979 - 1987. FRS 1977. University of Cambridge 1988-89, then back to X-ray physics consulting for industry.

Robert Ferrier

Deputy Head of Group to Ellis Cosslett

Interests: small angle diffraction, magnetic thin films, electron energy loss spectroscopy. 1973 - 2002, Chair of Natural Philosohy at University of Glasgow - currently Senior Professorial Fellow.

David Hardy

Chromatic aberration correction

Research at Cornell and Hull Universities. Industrial career with Philips, starting with Electron Optics and ending as development manager MRI magnets with Philips Medical Systems. Retired 2001.

Michael McMorris

Electron diffraction studies of defects in various iodide crystals

Academic career at University of the West Indies, Jamaica. Head of Department and Dean of Faculty. Some writings on relativity as well as on history and philosophy of science. Recently retired but still engaged in some consultancy at the university.

David Swift

Point cathode electron guns

1960-64 High voltage EM, Philips Eindhoven; 1964-67 Space satellite technology, ESTEC Netherlands; 1967-90 Optical (light, not electron) engineering and holography, Pilkington PE; 1990-2000 self-employed, then Director Precision Lens Co Ltd. Now retired but still Open University Associate Lecturer.

Roy Switsur

Designed and built scanning X-ray microanalyser for biological and organic specimens

Joined the Department of Plant Sciences in 1964. Designed, constructed and directed a new Radiocarbon Dating laboratory. Set up a Group to research past climatic changes by looking at stable isotope ratios of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen in tree ring cellulose. Now retired, continues part-time work on these projects and also has a part time post at the new Anglia University.

Richard Wade

Magnetic structures in ferromagnetic films

Research activities: magnetic and structural properties of thin metallic films; contrast transfer theory and image reconstruction; structural biology of molecular motors and microtubules; evolution of protein structures. Semi-retired, currently Conseiller Scientifique at the Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble.

Ian Wardell

Light element X-ray microanalysis

Industrial Career: Electron Microscopy and Surface Science Instrumentation with GEC, VG Microscopes, VG Scientific and Omicron Nanotechnology (now part-time). Academic Interlude, 1994-95: Research Fellow, Sussex University.



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